Never too old

We love getting fan letters! This one expresses beautifully what is and always has been in Wooleycat’s heart…”we’re never too old, or too mature, to be in love with great music and sweet lyrics that capture our imagination!” 

Hi Dennis,

Last weekend I started reading and working through ‘The Artist’s Way’…don’t know whether you’re familiar with it…but tonight is my first “Artist Date’, so I’d planned to go to the bookstore and get a cup of hot tea and sit in the children’s section and spend some time with books I haven’t held company with since my son was a little boy. 

At the same time…this week, I was cleaning out some things and came across the Wooleycat tape that my son, who’s now a senior at Virginia Tech, used to love.  I tossed Wooleycat, and a few others into my pocketbook to bring to work, as a friend here has 4 little ones, and I often pass things I’m not using any longer, to them. 

On the way to work I decided to plop Wooleycat into my tape player, because I loved the tape just as much as my son did, I also and shared it with my third and fourth graders when I was teaching….so, just wanted to say thanks, for your wonderful creativity, and music, and for bringing back so many smiles on my way to work today.  My ‘inner child’ enjoyed singing the lyrics, which I actually remembered.  I decided to keep Wooleycat, and make him a part of my ‘Artist’s Way’ program, reminding me that we’re never too old, or too mature, to be in love with great music and sweet lyrics that capture our imagination! 

I look forward to spending some time on your website, to see what you’ve been up to for the past 20 years! 🙂

Jane Rochelle

Thank you, Jane! To learn more about Jane,  visit her blog: teeny tiny pieces of life and her website. 


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